365 Days

Posted on: Dec 20, 2023

1 mins read

It's been a year now.
A year of knowing you, loving you, missing you,
A year of laughter and gloom.
A year of me and you.

Today's love.
Stronger than yesterday,
Less than tomorrow,
Stronger every day.

We are not perfect, I know
But we are learning.
For it's only been one year,
Many more are coming

The future might be blurry
But one thing is clear,
You and I together
We will always be there.

So I say thank you for loving me,
For my ups and downs.
Thank you for loving,
365 days and now.

Originally written: 5/3/2019


In the poem "365 Days of Us," the speaker reflects on a year-long journey of love, encompassing moments of joy, sorrow, laughter, and growth. The verses express gratitude for the shared experiences, acknowledging imperfections while emphasizing the strength gained through learning together. The poem carries a hopeful tone, anticipating many more years ahead despite an uncertain future, affirming a commitment to stand by each other. It is a celebration of enduring love and appreciation for the shared moments of the past year.

Note: This summary was generated with the assistance of AI, based on the poet's guidance and insights into the poem's inspiration and meaning.

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