My Love Unknown

Posted on: Dec 19, 2023

1 mins read

My Love Unknown: A Poetic Ode to My Future Soulmate

I Smile,
Every time I think of you.
I dunno who you are
Or where you are from.
I have no idea what you look like,
If you are tall or short, fat or thin,
What and who you are?
Have we met or are yet to?
I just smile,
Every time I think of you.

You make me happy, joyous, excited.
For a faceless being, that's pretty weird.
You make me feel like there is actually
Something to hope for, something to die for,
Something for me to keep living on for.

Your kiss turns my frown upside down.
You know just when I need it.
I feel the care and love,
I feel you.

But I must be patient.
Patient for you, patient for me,
Patient for both of us.
Even though I haven't met you or noticed you,
One day I will, not late or early,
But one day, the perfect day.
My faceless being,
My one,
My love, unknown.


In "My Love Unknown," the poet smiles at the thought of an unknown love. Despite not knowing the details of this future connection, there's a deep sense of happiness and anticipation. The poem conveys the joy of looking forward to meeting a soulmate and the belief that the wait for true love will ultimately be rewarding.

Note: This summary was generated with the assistance of AI, based on the poet's guidance and insights into the poem's inspiration and meaning.

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