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Tech Roadmap: Everything you need to help you choose and learn a career in Tech

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Posted on: Feb 27, 2022

4 mins read

Tech Roadmap: Everything you need to help you choose and learn a career in Tech

Tech Roadmap provides you with roadmaps, articles, guides, videos, and other useful resources to help you choose a career path, start your journey and grow in tech.

Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving. ~Kamari aka Lyrikal

What is Tech Roadmap

Tech Roadmap is a free online resource for anyone who wants to break into the tech industry or has already broken into it, choose and define their career path and learn about the skills needed to build themselves in the chosen career.

It lets you have access to collections of ebooks, videos, articles, guides, etc on different careers in tech including the no-code jobs. So if you are just starting your career or have yet to choose a career path, then you should check out Tech Roadmap.

The Inspiration

Since I was a little girl, I had always wished that I could be a programmer like the guys I see on the tv but I never knew that I could study it in school let alone learn it on my own.

A few years back before the pandemic started, I stumbled upon an ad about Data Science and it sparked the interest in me again to learn about programming but this time I decided to learn it by myself.

The only problem was that I didn't have access to the right people or resources that could help me grow and I ended up learning the Html and CSS languages because I didn't know the skill set needed to become a data scientist. So I ended up becoming a frontend developer instead but I am loving it now though.

Recently I have also been getting messages from people online and offline about them wanting to learn tech but clueless about where to start or how to go about it.

So I built this project as a way to help them and other newbies wanting to start a career or transition into tech, who might be confused just as I was when I first started, understand the difference between each career and thus help them decide on the one they want and guide them on how they can go about it.

How it Works

If you haven't chosen a career path and are unsure of what to pick, the careers page has resources that give information on the various types of jobs in the tech industry.

Once you feel knowledgeable enough to decide on the career path to start in, you can then move onto the career page dedicated to that career. There you will find a curated list of resources.

These lists are specially arranged so that you start learning the most important skills first, moving on to the next like a step-by-step guide or roadmap, helping you attain success and achieve your goals in the said career.

The Tech Stack

This project was built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages, the code hosted on GitHub, the site deployed on Netlify, and Google Icons for the icons.

Future Plans

Tech Roadmap is live with the first roadmap created Frontend Development Roadmap.

I am working on adding more quality roadmaps on other Tech Careers. Anticipate! 😁

The project is currently built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Soon all data will be removed from the html pages and placed into corresponding Json files to have cleaner html documents.

Readmes will also be created for each roadmap so that one can also have copies of the resources on GitHub by forking the repository.

It will also be migrated to the React Framework in the later future.

I also want Tech Roadmap to not just be a free online resource, but also be a growing community as well.

Challenges Faced

Because I started the project a few days before the end of this Hackathon, I had to work faster than I have ever done to get it good enough for the showcase. This also made me decide on using pure Html and CSS as it would have taken me more time if I were to use a framework and create a database.

Although I have been passively saving up resources on frontend development while I was learning, it isn't easy gathering them especially since this project isn't just focused on frontend.


It was really fun working on Tech Roadmap and as I continue to build it, I hope that I can change the lives of more people transitioning into tech one resource link at a time.

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