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snapshot of the Progress Tracker document

Yearly Goals and Progress Tracker Notion Template

This Yearly Goals and Progress Tracker helps you stay organized and focused on your goals for the year. Use it to track growth, measure progress, and reflect on past successes. Identify weaknesses and areas of improvement to guide your decisions and strategies for the future.

snapshot of Tech Roadmap's home page

Tech Roadmap

Tech Roadmap is a free online resource that provides guidance on careers in the tech industry, whether in code or no-code roles. Access a collection of ebooks, free courses, videos, articles, and tools to help define and advance your career path. Whether you're just starting out or looking to make a transition, Tech Roadmap can help.

Next.js Typescript Boilerplate

Next.js Typescript Boilerplate

A starter template for Next.js with TypeScript. Kickstart your Next.js projects with built-in linting, formatting, and commit message checks.