Posted on: Aug 22, 2022

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This Feeling: Is it Love or Lust? A Poem about Uncertain Emotions

This feeling, this feeling I'm having.
Is it love or lust?
Is it a fling, just another crush?
Is it just like the rest I thought I loved
But later turned out lost?

What if it's like the others?
What if I don't love him?
What if this feeling is untrue?
And what if I'm lying to myself?

But I can't.
If I don't take this chance how will I know?

I think of him every day.
I talk to him each day.
Miss him when I don't.
Is this real or just another crush?

Just like the others, I thought I liked,
And missed and loved, then unloved and forgotten.

God, please help.
So much love I can't give back.
So much care and so much trust.
So much love,
Just so much.


"SOS." is a heartfelt poem that delves into the tumultuous emotions of love, lust, and doubt. The narrator questions the authenticity of their feelings for someone, pondering whether it's true love or just another fleeting infatuation. The poem reflects on past experiences of fleeting relationships that ended in disappointment and the fear of repeating the same pattern. The plea to God for help adds an emotional depth to the poem. The title "SOS" cleverly plays on the distress signal "Save Our Soul," symbolizing the narrator's longing to be rescued from the uncertainties and complexities of their emotions. Through evocative imagery and honest introspection, "SOS" captures the raw emotions of navigating love and lust while grappling with doubts and uncertainties in relationships.

Note: This summary was generated with the assistance of AI, based on the poet's guidance and insights into the poem's inspiration and meaning.

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