Boro Pose

Posted on: Aug 19, 2022

1 mins read

Critique of Fake Lives in 'Boro Pose' Poem

Boro boro, you too dey pose
You claim you get job yet nothing to show
You claim you get money yet credits is your show
If people see you dem go think say you rich
Yet enter dem house na dem bills wey rich
I go school I go school yet no fit speak English

Wish you jam trailer
Travel go hell fire


The poem is written in Nigerian Pidgin English and targets individuals who live fake lives, pretending to be wealthy and educated when they are not. The author criticizes those who pretend to have money and a job but have nothing to show for it. The author also highlights the hypocrisy of these individuals, portraying them as posing and deceiving others. The poem ends with a harsh verse expressing a desire for the person to encounter misfortune and face consequences. The speaker acknowledges that the poem may not be perfect but still feels the need to share both their good and bad poems.

Note: This summary was generated with the assistance of AI, based on the poet's guidance and insights into the poem's inspiration and meaning.

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