A Battle in the Lavatory: Conquering the Unyielding Challenge of a Rock-Hard Poo

Posted on: Dec 28, 2023

2 mins read

I fought a battle today, and almost lost. The struggle began as I sat on the porcelain throne, grappling with a poo that felt more like a formidable rock than a typical bathroom guest. My usual tactics of shaping it with a careful press proved futile, as this time it was unyieldingly hard and resistant to my efforts.

Fear crept in as I contemplated the potential consequences of attempting to force its exit. The sharp edges of the stubborn intruder posed a threat to my intestines and the delicate skin of my butt hole. Each attempt to push it out resulted in searing pain, compelling me to retract my efforts.

Desperation led me to a daring move - I decided to chip away at the stubbornly persistent foe with my own fingers. The resistance proved fierce, and the first successful chip revealed a disconcerting sight - a hint of red, unsure whether it was blood or just the aftermath of the battle.

Despite the pain, I pressed on, tears mingling with prayers for a swift resolution. After a few attempts and a sip of water, I summoned the strength to try again. With a determined push, the unyielding mass finally surrendered, ushering in a cascade of relief as the backlog followed suit.

Exhausted and emotionally drained, I emerged from the toilet with a throbbing butt hole and the lingering scent of the battle. A thorough cleanse ensued, but the victory was bittersweet. Though physically drained, the mental toll left me ready to surrender to the embrace of sleep, marking the end of a challenging odyssey.

Originally written: 28/12/2023


Embark on an engaging narrative as we recount the harrowing experience of battling an unusually hard poo. Join the journey of pushing physical and emotional boundaries, where desperation meets determination in the quest for relief. With a touch of humor and a sprinkle of reality, this post explores the triumphs and tribulations of a universally relatable yet seldom discussed aspect of life.

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