Posted on: Aug 21, 2022

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Heartache: Reflections on Unrequited Love

When I first met you,
I thought you had no respect for girls.
And that was because I didn't know you
Only by name and face.

People say looks can be deceiving.
I too agree that appearance can be deceiving.

That's why when we sat together
I found out that you were and are
Still a nice guy,
Who is cool, kind, smart and handsome too.

And when you smile, Oh! It takes my breath away.
It makes me love you more and more each day.

At first, I didn't know it.
Though my best friend saw it.
I tried to deny it,
But had to accept the truth.

I loved hearing your voice
And chatting with you too!

Sometimes I wonder,
When we hang out together,
Were we just friends
Or was there more to it?

Wondered if you ever loved me
Or just played me for a fool.

I know I acted stupidly.
But all that I did
Was because of what I felt for you.
No one ever made me feel that way before.

I didn't know how to control it.
That's why I behaved the way I did.

When you left me,
You took a piece of me with you.
I still think of you each day
And wonder if you think of me too.

I keep wondering if you ever loved me,
You never told me how you felt.

How I wish I know
'Cos the feeling of not knowing
Is worse than the feeling
Of knowing the truth.
And now I'm standing on the fence
Not knowing what to do.

And now I'm lying in my bed
Thinking of what to do.
Should I cling unto these memories?
Maybe you would come back.

Or should I just let go?


The poem is about an author who fell in love with someone they initially perceived had no respect for girls. However, the author later discovered that the person was actually a nice guy. The author's feelings for this person grew, but they were unsure if their love was reciprocated. Their best friend noticed their feelings, and the author struggled with denial before accepting the truth.

They cherished their interactions with the person, but their intense feelings led to emotional turmoil. When the person left, the author was heartbroken and still thinks of them. Now, the author is torn between holding onto memories and hoping for the person's return or letting go and moving on.

Note: This summary was generated with the assistance of AI, based on the poet's guidance and insights into the poem's inspiration and meaning.

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